I've been recently described as a "poet-interrogator" and I cling to that because I think the label does a fine job of capturing both sides of my character.  I am also a self-labeled painter, sketcher and ever so slightly above average photographer.  That's a taste of the cake at least.

notice the great hair before i enlisted.

I started writing poetry as an escape from a mind-numbing job with the United States Postal Service and have since then expanded my creative itch onto as many platforms as I have time to flirt with.  I've now written three books (two very poorly so), released a poetry EP on iTunes titled, "Slow Ocean", opened an online store (ft. massively edited photos, unfortunately bright/messy paintings & lastly imagery products), done a few poetry shows, and just recently been in talks with a professional photographer about an advertising shoot.  I don't claim to be excellent at any one thing, but there's something delicious about diving in for a taste of everything.

In my free time (none), I also love to spend time with my awesome dachshund Gussie, lift weights, run, read antique books, study fashion, eat very sensibly, drink Sugar Free Rockstar, shop supplements, talk about when I get to grow my hair back out, make countless/outrageous lists, travel, collect neckties and practice my Christian faith.

now yucking it up in the army.

I'm currently residing north of Austin, Texas, preparing for a deployment to Afghanistan this summer.  When I come home safe, I'll be moving back to Columbus, Ohio to embark upon a new chapter in my life by teaching at a collegiate level.