Monday, December 23, 2013


alas you chirping birds!...after 8 months of life-swirling events, two grand vacations, a gained/lost pooch, a renovation of beliefs, refreshed love & so much more...i have written a new poem. 

thank the good Lord for John Keats & Beth Myatt because the pairing have brought me so much desperately needed inspiration these past few days.  as many of you know i once wrote hundreds of poems a year and 'twas but slicing pie for me!  i was a smooth-railed, poem-churning factory.  since afghanistan & etc. etc., i've lost so much of that jazzy drive, passion and really that jellyfish-like imagination that used to guide me more than anything else. 

me writing poems - circa 2010. 
8 months after writing "APPLE SKIN BRAILLE", i sewed up the verve to stitch together the following zizzing piece which i hope at least one of you kinda, sorta like.  if it makes it any more appealing or interesting, i wrote it while listening to the same song on repeat for 3 hours straight whilst also rewinding the exact same 2 minute movie scene (muted) near 100 times in sequence.  all part of the process i say!  and if you know me, you're not surprised by this anyway.

on with it you blabbering french snail!

so let's be honest - poetry is 99.9% dead as we know it with a barely banging pulse.  therefore, i feel like it's my civil writer's duty to warm up the best style of poetic digestion.  for me, it's making sure there is good, ambient & emotional music in the background while reading, and then more importantly...reading the poem aloud w/proper space breaks & pauses.  IF YOU DO THIS, the poem will have a much stronger impact, a sweeter life lived from your mouth.  so please do follow suit...just click play on the YouTube track below, wait a collected second, and then read with spirit.  poetry can be rich again, you just have to give it the proper lungs.


i am soft-spoken, slow-floated to the sea salt altar
on my driftwood knees

my cloud & cocoon, to be brand new -
without you i am lost to be with you.

bones bruised i find remedy in your crooked ecks, your cabernet church
at the cliff'sedge
battered restless
i build tall sand castles to climb up your stain glass first-aid shoulders.

with ladders of arms of waves of thrones, before me before
watch how i carve the wind a way as a tree to sweep into your
butterfly house ribcage
i slam the doors open wide
to slam them shut.

i sleep in the elevator - i play
hide & seek behind the shudder speed curtain of your golden eyelids, stare
down your cursive textbook

at the world i motion broken
back & forth i lose myself i wonder, wandering
i find your national treasure in my emptied chest.

for flashes of seconds
i capture you in fragments, pieces like gospel choir puzzles,
i line your small frame and walls
giant portraits of your citrine glow and mint elegance.

chamomile camera capture this how that
get so lost in my own imagination of hers,
i could spend some forever and yesterday here like
i'm going everywhere and nowhere at once.

twice i've lived alive again
i love

this museum of nothing but her,
this perfect place that i call home
i hope to write more & more in the coming months.  between photography stuff, (hopefully) new paint prints & my buzzing life...it shall be a staunch challenge, but i'm here wishing and praying.
now everyone go and have a beautiful day.  feel free to float over to the rest of my online poetry and soak up the love rays...if your mood is right.  if not, go bake a cake or do something that makes you more interesting & weird.  :)
with my best heart, SK

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