Monday, January 24, 2011


#2 post.  look how far we've come!...jk, haha.  so...

i am in this zone where i'm not really sure what to write about besides my recent, and nostalgiac infatuation with flat top haircuts.  it comes and goes like the tide of the oceans...so i'll start with the site's new additions since they're brand spanking new, as opposed to old spanking new?  whoever brand is, they've been getting to dish out all the punishment for centuries...whilst new has been taking a beating for ages.  get it?...brand, spanking new?  lame steven, just lame...but oddly enough, my favorite rock band ever is Brand New.  soooooo good.

before i dribble on, i had this epiphany last night that broke my heart.  i was like, who's going to come here and care about what i'm listening to, writing, painting, watching, reading, etc. if they don't find me that interesting in the first place?????  then i picked up the four pieces of my heart (it split freakishly clean into the four ventricles actually) and put them back together with chewing gum bits and some quick drying oatmeal (abusive to wash out of bowls once dry)...and said to myself.  well...mom usually has a few minutes free.  and then, well...that was it.  and i cried some, and when i realized that my pillow case felt like it had been hand-dipped (like the tough ice cream) in the dead sea, i stopped because that's just embarrassing for a grown man.

which is funny because every time i go to some wildly over-priced ice cream parlor of sorts (or P-A-R-L-O-U-R if you want to be an elitist about it) in some ritzy town and decide to take out a loan and get 2 scoops of whatever i cannot taste, i watch these 95lb. emaciated 16 year old part-timers trying to scrape said frozen treat out of the circular cardboard bin or whatever...and i say to myself...wow, that appears to be a seriously effective tricep workout.  when i watch them scooping with all of their life, and their veins are popping out of their forearms and their jugular looks like it's about to shoot out of their neck...i can't help but to appreciate the effort and calorie burn they're getting from their $8/hr slave job.  i love it.  well worth the small loan & tourist-price-grimace i'm sure i can't help but give off.  so funny.

every single time i fold a stack of tshirts, i feel like it should be recognized for its beauty and somehow honored via social networking.  henceforth, here is probably the 17th picture i've sent or showed to someone of yet another unfortunately (seriously what a waste of time) flawless pile of fabric rectangles.  it's actually a waste of everyone's time once i start sharing...so here it is again and i apologize.  the almighty and mightily heralded tshirt stack.  i also apologize for the size of the photo but i figured since it's kind of fuzzy (you navel you), i'd blow it up in your face.  i called you a belly-button.  nah nah

absolute folding glory before your very eyes.

so i'm still working on adding shiny new gadgets and fancy tools to this page.  none of them will be too mind-blowing unless i can manage to get some (level difficult) crossword puzzles on here or a streaming foto-log of images of paul crumrine with his flat-tops or...hey wait, 

does anyone else remember H-Town's, "Knockin' Da Boots"?  maybe it's just me but i've still yet to figure out the fascination with a song about two people smashing their heavy, leather footwear into each other's.  maybe i'm just stupid, or perhaps it's the army in me...and that i wear them everyday, but it'd be pretty incredible if someone could be so kind as to explain this to me Sesame Street style so that i don't miss the message.  i encourage you all to download it right now if you're not familiar with this track's 1991 greatness.

if you forgot how awesome Orgy's music videos were...i dare you to check it out.  TRIPLE DOG!

lastly, if you didn't know...i can sing like Keith Sweat like it's nobody's business.  if you think i'm kidding...pay me $20 and i'll skype concert you 2 songs of your choice in a silk robe (additional tracks will be $5 each).  i'm legit...i should be doing cover shows laid back in the cut.

now i must then make a favorite R&B songs list!!!!!!!!  VERY EXCITE!!!!!!!!  check back for that very very soon.  #gangsterstatus

before i get going to watch my nightly flicks, eat dry as sawdust popcorn or break dance in my 4x8 kitchen, i should at least say what i've added to the page if you didn't notice (RASCAL x5000!).  i've put up top left the 6 poems that i've written that have been read over 1,000 times each per pathetic.org.  "goldengate" is actually at about 2,000 which is pretty rad...though it baffles me every time someone clicks on something i wrote like...wait, there's so many things to do in the world...and this person is reading MY poetry?  eh?  it's a delightful thing though...so if you wish to follow suit, feel free to click on 1 or 6 of them.  one is violent, one is sexy, one is about magic, one is sad, i dunno...they're whatever.  ALSO, i've added a small little icon of one of my laptop skins that you can purchase at society6.  there's iPhone cases, prints (11x17 up to 40-some inches i think), stretched canvases (think a huge photographic image on a painting canvas), a couple hoodies and some other random stuff you can check out.  it's all good neighborhood!

i'm having eyeballs surgery tomorrow morning!  AH!!  that means i have to make my treasured R&B list tonight!  all over that.  yummy.

i should get going now though...this has blabbed on far too long and i'm afraid only the single and friendless will actually take the time to read all of this.  :/  



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  1. Hey there, Worthy! First of all, are you really having eye surgery this morning? Or is that code for something I've not drank enough coffee (or read enough poetry) yet to figure out?
    *I'm listening to Drake-Brand New -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggHJwJ-KpF0-while I reply to your bspot,but it's a rap group and you said twas your favorite rock band ever...*
    ...and I just watched the Htown "Knockin' Da Boots" video... sensually wicked, fo sho. OK. Here's my one boot on, one boot off, Sesame street explanation as I understood it from the video, it's just slang for gettin it on all night long. The part where he's telling the ladies to go get their towel while he's rubbing his baseball bat with one... definitely gave me some giggles. geeez.
    As to your epiphany, I think you're very interesting and definitely a talented poet. I've been having my own epiphany very, very similar to yours, except throw in a crisis or 3, or 6 or 9, and blend them together until they draw away from the sides of the bowl. The T-shirt stack is impressive! I'm much more impressed with your six, thousand read poems! After I read that, I had to go get all Pathetic and see what my highest # of reads was, and though I've not made it to a thousand reads for any of my stuff, my highest read @ 726 was the one you inspired, "A hike to worthy" How about that? If I weren't so unemployed I might be on the verge of losing my car (that is one of the crisis drawing away from the sides of the mixing bowl) that doesn't run, I'd buy some of your stuff 'cause you do inspire me (and definitely give me laughs and giggles and that's a precious commodity in my life at this moment)! Big hugs. Hope your surgery went ok!