Sunday, January 23, 2011


so tired x1000.  i have been slaving on this wild turkey blog for literally 9.5 hours straight tonight (even if it looks like 15 minutes) and i'm feeling a bit like throwing my computer into the neighbor's bathtub, but i shalln't.

i don't know that many people will come here right away to see much...though i've connected all 487 links to my e-life on here for comprehensiveness' sake.  it beats telling people to go here, do this, do that, go do a disco dance (fun), make me a ham sandwich, blah blah blah.  now it's ALL right here.  sigh of relief!

me dead tired and dying of tiredness
currently everything is flowing pretty smooth.  the site is pretty bare basics and needs some serious TLC in the looks dept., but for now...this'll suffice.  there really is one load of madness here to poke around i suppose.  still so much to add.  suggestions!?

i want to gouge my eyes out with sporks...

but i'm thrilled to be done!  so far.  i'm going to rollerskate around some and maybe rent something expensive to destroy in celebration.  not really.

please do come by often and say hello though.  i'm no longer going to be posting my fun (ok, maybe not) notes on facebook with the essays and lists and all that jazzmatazz.  because i'm a listomaniac, i'll just do us all a big medium rare juicy favor right now and list below the massive sausage linkage going on with this new page.

now you can check out my books, streaming music, paintings, dumb twitter updates, poetry, playlists,  photostream, lifelists, faves, food stuffs, travel bits, oh man...it's all on the front page.  you look.  i'm tired...lol.  play around a bit and feel free to insult me to the highest degree if i've left something critical out.  even the tags are all connected to something.  i had to re-do the tags 3x so do me a big beefy favor and at least click on 2 or 3 for pity's sake.  in the name of arthritis and carpel tunnel perhaps.

this site is mainly a toy for now but will serve as my primary means of staying in touch with the normal people's world when i deploy to afghanistan in june/july.  easier than sending everyone three letters a week reminding them that i haven't died yet.  :)  then it should be primarily a blog about work and how awesome the afghans are and how i'm mutating into a pile of dirt wearing a man-dress.

a couple of things i'd like to add...fyi sorta thing here, before i become truly content with the site are as follows: more organized paintings/photography galleries, a couple of sample diets for some of yoots who are trying to drop a few lbs. or get shredded like pulled pork, a better name graphic, fun things about grandma, a better poetry catalogue, a lot of the random mess that's been sitting on my computer for awhile, some sort of friend-interconnecting jabberwock & more statistics so people can admire the fact that i watch the exact same movies and listen to the same songs, eat the same exact foods & read the same books over and over and over again.

do spread the love my little peanut butter knives.  i don't expect more than 2.5 (round up on good ones, down on slow ones) visitors a week...but if you share this, i'd love to meet some more friendly faces and share some of my creative rubbish with theirs, whether it be unfortunately bad writing or highly unskilled paintings...it'd be nice.  i'd like to kiss your forehead once in a while really.

so tired.  so this is my blog.  i hope you like it...i hope you find something about me that doesn't repulse you.  if you don't, i won't be sad or anything, i'll probably just find you and make you pay gravely...haha.  and i'll probably pour honey all over your bedsheets and door knobs truthfully.

going to sleep.  share the secret sauce and i'll keep the steak comin' baby.  


(7 meat references = impressive)



    Happy blogging, little brother. Good work!

  2. thank you my treasured sibling. i am doing all of this for you. ALL OF IT.

  3. oh & you best spread the love or i'm going to splatter you on my windshield! :D