Monday, March 7, 2011


i've been mega-slacking in the poetry dept. and i feel like i'm letting absolutely nobody down because i'm the only one who reads it...lol.  that being said, this past saturday night, i sat down with my weapon of choice and cranked out a couple of above average poems that all kind of sound the same.  i'd be lying if i said they weren't all inspired by a similar situation.  they're all kinda short & worthless truthfully...but sweet, in the way that your 18 year old cat is blind and walks into all of the walls of the house.

the family cat Buckwheat is 97% human & not blind.
remember, if you don't/didn't know...poetry is my first love, so it's good for me to put this stuff out there regardless if it just rots online and collects massive amounts of e-dust.  i am working on squeezing out a new book the week before i deploy which should be kinda rad - if i can pull it off.  think banana cream pie with all of the chiquita stickers hidden at the bottom of the mess to serve as tokens for inexpensive raffle prizes.  should try that one pretty soon actually.

needless to say, here they are.  i felt tres guilty for posting old material and wanted to one-up myself some and double post on one night...with some fresh mint.

true love lives on strong.
even if no one cares about poetry (because i think the official 2010 u.s. census was that 9 people do...no wait, 8, wayne died tragically in that kolache eating contest)...i triple canine dare you to give these a chance and maybe...MAYBE...big maybe there, you'll like one of them.  it helps a lot if you're listening to whiny music while you read them...especially if it sounds like two teenagers making out in the background, well hidden behind layers of collegiate acoustic guitars.

the four poems are kind of dear to me because i feel like i have a lot on my plate right now with afghanistan looming and big emotions swirling about here & there.  sleep well my buzzing bees.


just pour some concrete into your shoes
it feels like i can no longer keep up with you
light speed princess take it easy on sunday me
i could be falling apart at the seams
it’s your job to show concern of these things

your occupation is to be beautiful and breathe
some oxygen back into me my tank is tracks slipping
the battle has just begun
we’ve mounted all of my strength here on this turret
bad hips and sly fox it’s a matter of time

we can drive with the windows down and the clocks wound back because
we can still get away with it
but tonight let’s let tonight be slower motions
and that’s alright because it’s been one whole life
it’s okay to still be getting it right

and if you let the calculator do the math then you’re sacrificing
chances to sharpen your skills
maybe it’s best to swallow the numbers entirely
heavy iron vitamins to keep the ship sailing depths peoples
courts jest about but cannot touch.

b)  "pretty little landmine"

she is science girl and window shutters
female phenomenon
you feel nice against my eyes
you come in with the morning breezes
you bury me in blankets
you use the pink shovel they had in the girl’s department.

how cute are you?

i do not mind if you rhyme your words
everything you say
will be said just fine.

and i will play along to try to impress you
and 40 years later i will do the same
here, you can have my last name.

everything you say
will be said just fine
even if you are a landmine,
i want to walk with you.

she is the blueprint new development
in my upstairs downstairs.

it’s better that way

your soft back tickles my hard chest
would you have it any other way?

c)  "the balcony inside of my bedsheets"

from here where i hear
you must feel my fears
i want to feel how big your fingerprints
feel wrapped around my shoulder blades
i won’t cut you i won’t bite.

when the clock strikes ten
i will count to eleven
to make sure you have one more chance
to wake up and start your hands over again
it feels like eleven
it has to be ten.

d)  "esquelettes"

every time the sun sleeps
we feel younger than the one before
night falls on shadows i’m crawling for you
hands and knees
hands and knees

sing through ceilings 
fall through floors & walk through walls
without a scratch fingernails backs
French houses

whatever happens is supposed to
don’t let your keen secrets fool you
the skeletons in the closet watch the show
& find out the truths

chateau chateau
i love you so

the poetic inner label (written by moi) of one of our limited
t-shirt designs.

EL FIN...& goodnight.  xx

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