Saturday, March 12, 2011


take love slow and pay attention to everything that happens around you. 

by doing this, you will notice and grow to adore the little things that many do not take time for. when taking things slow, you will be much less distracted and everything that takes place in your world too will occupy a space in your heart or mind. consider each little thing that is characteristic only to your girl, and then be thankful for it. our nation has never been busier and more rushed through life than it is right now. unfortunately, many of us do not even have the time to realize this fact and we then suffer the not yet known consequence of taking full-part in a marriage or relationship without actually taking everything we can from it. this is a problem of today’s extreme work ethic. there never seems enough time in the day. 

either the sun rises too fast or falls too soon, but certainly there is time if you let it be. 

every relationship consists of a few big things like love, communication and trust. though under a microscope, they are made up of millions of passion particle things that provide an inexplicable base for what gives us the impression as "most important". i insist it is not that easy. truthfully, it is the little things that add up to what is big. if we rush through the course and don't pay attention to detail, breathe and notice the idiosyncrasies and quirks, then we are settling for half of what we can have. 

to love another is to understand and appreciate them for all that they are. in a hurried lifestyle, it is without a doubt much more difficult to love as one might wish and for this i recur and suggest decelerating and absorbing the beauty and wonder in your presence as it is and always has been. begin to take notice of how she walks, the way she bites her lip during a scary movie or how her hair falls in her face. as time goes by, and you note such things more frequently, they, like a fine old shirt will grow on you because they are associated with someone you love or care about. surely a shirt and a woman are distant in contrast, but there comes into play a certain comfort and satisfied anticipation with both. 

after a while, you may catch yourself looking intently at your prized gal, expecting her to react or act a certain way and when she does, there swoops over you a strange and gratifying sensation of understanding. of honest love. of machine-like satisfaction. knowing your sweetheart is as important as knowing yourself when committed in a faithful and true relationship. 

the more you know about her, the more you can love about her. 
the more you know about her, the more you can love about her.
the more you know about her, the more you can love about her.
the more you know about her, the more you can love about her.
the more you know about her, the more you can love about her.
the more you know about her, the more you can love about her.
the more you know about her, the more you can love about her.

with time she will change and evolve as we all do and that being said, we can look forward to a never-ending fresh chain of reasons to love her. 

women are beautiful because they are unique. nothing is less exciting than average; so go find out what makes her unique and welcome each tiny aspect of her individuality knowing that she is indeed an original. if you choose not to point out her every individual eccentricity or habit she has, she may never realize that you know & like them. don't do that. don't ever not let her know that you notice. notice. notice. notice.

and when she knows that you find a particular unsolved amusement or enjoyment in her simply being her, you will make her feel good about herself from the inside out and if you're lucky...result in a euphoric sense of confidence on her behalf. you want her beaming. she will be more gorgeous than ever...confident. all these little things added up become the "something" about her that each happily married man understands clearly. 

there IS something about your lady. something about her that drew you in from the beginning and that something is going to grow forever in time for you to adore more each day. this is the glorious benefit from noticing the little things. so much reminiscent of almost every other facet related to true love, this theory of attention to detail and taking life slow is unselfish and giving in both directions. your reward has no price tag and might never seem tangible or concrete, but in life many of the best rewards go about in such a fashion. hers is very similar in nature. it might not be there to kiss her on the forehead or touch her neck, but it is a deeper reward than that and lasts much longer. 

so next time you fall asleep next to your girl, notice her breathing pattern and the way she tucks herself into the blankets. look at her feet, are they under the covers or do they stick out? where does she place her cheek on the pillow? does she like to be held close or have a fair amount of space? does she toss and turn? do her eyes twitch during dreams, does she hum or tuck the pillow between her knees, does she reach for you when she feels vulnerable, does she tangle her legs into yours? all of these things are who she is. all of them fine enough to love. and soon enough, you will find yourself wanting to stay up all night. these are the small things that love is all about. these are what make our chest clocks tick.

pay attention to this and paste it to your heart. think about her all day long, and how she has fallen for you. 

kiss her wildly. she is yours and only yours. she is your piece of art. she is your original piece. she is all of the things. she is the only one..........just like her.

romance is in the air everybody...

and now i finish up the next piece.  19 new original insults & sweetheart nicknames never before used.  better than the last batch.  their dual-purpose will amaze.  

sleep well wedding bells...


  1. I appreciate your writing. Is there a way to send you a message on here? My comment is kinda lengthy :)

  2. hello danielle! ...wow, that means SO much. you can email me @ kenworthypoetry@gmail.com if you like...or add me on facebook and go from there. :) looking fwd to hearing from you!...