Thursday, March 17, 2011


taking a bit (or a chunk) of a hiatus from the blog (or a goodbye).  no, i'm not having some wildly exciting meltdown or anything of the sort.  just wearing down really.  as deployment continues to creep up on me, my life continues to get busier by the day and i'm falling over to be honest.  anyone who knows me knows i don't get tired and i don't like sleep, so that's saying something for sure, shirley.  it's not like this is some essential daily vitamin in everyone's diet...like waffles are mine.  i think of it more like banana slices on your cereal.  

anyway, i have so many fun ideas & directions i want to go, just dunno if i'll have the time/energy?  who knows.  gonna disappear off the map for a couple of days, step out of town & recharge.

for anyone who has sent me love, sincere encouragement or support...i'm in debt to you and i'm seriously grateful for your words.

if you sent me a novel thanking me for helping you through a rough spot in your life or what not...i owe you as well and am on my way to remedying that as we speak (though we're not actually speaking).

and so...it never stops.


extra special love to- mr.white,staslie,danielle,paulwalt,gma,gpa

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