Wednesday, February 2, 2011


time to get street smart on some produce wankstas.
my grandest apologies if this bores your big juicy brains to death, but in staying true to form...i have to mix up the writing a bit and share different slices of my appletastic life.  of course this isn't funny or all that amusing, but hey!...some people could use a taste of (or want to gobble on) this information nugget.  for 1 or 17 of you, this could be old news as i wrote it a couple months back, but it might be fresh fruit for others.  easy to share even!...like a bunch of grapes!

before i bodyslam you broccoli chompers with the 11 tasty tips, i must confess that i have accumulated a lot of this nutrition over the years from The Abs Diet, Body For Life & more than a few years subscriptions of Men's Health.  no nutrition news is brand butt spanking new these days, but it's nice to compile it a bit and break it down brussel sprout style for all my friends, family, lovers, kite flyers and pirate ship fighters.  

of course some of you know-it-all, been around the block style types will know most of this as common knowledge.  most of you strawberry pickers should be able to take something away from this rhubarb flavored riot.

alright...let's peel this banana my cut up little coconut pickers...

11 QUICK FIT TIPS (to gain lean muscle, or tone what you've got)

1)  eat your highest calorie meals (also highest carb) in the a.m., lowest calorie at night (high protein, little to no carbs, preferably after 5 pm).  think like a downward slope.   example:  800, 700, 600, 500, 350, 300, 250, 200.

2)  when referencing carbs/protein, consider 15+ a lot/high and <15 a little/few.

3)  if you’ve stuffed yourself so full that  you almost feel gross or bloated, you may need to give your metabolism an extra hour to catch up (i.e. 4 hrs).

4)  try to eat 6-8 meals a day, eating every 2-3 hours.  keep in mind, a simple protein bar w/ 15g carbs & 15g protein can be considered a “meal”.

5)  the general rule of thumb, 15/15 is a meal, while keeping sugars somewhere between 10-20g (ideally lower end).

6)  the hardest part about eating this way is finding the time/accessibility to get your meals in.  if you can do that, you’ve overcome the biggest hurdle.  

7.  extreme consistency in timing & food choices will help a lot with getting your meals in.

8)  try to minimize saturated fats.   >5g is too much for one meal.  focus on poly/monounsaturated fats, which are actually very good for you.

9)  drink loads of water (80 oz. a day is a great start) and sugar free sports drinks.  avoid highly caffeinated substitutes (coffee, energy drinks) if at all possible.

10)  if you are trying to gain muscle/positive weight, do not be afraid to eat a high protein, low carb meal late at night (i.e. 10-12pm).  if you’re trying to lose weight, your last meal should fall somewhere between 7:30-9pm.

11)  eat asap after you wake up.  the sooner, the better for multiple reasons.

***this big bag of cabbage will also find itself in the "LIST" portion of the page, for whatever that's worth in your local produce section.


  1. Oh and the last meal should be low fat dairy. It contains casin proteins which digest slowly through the night so your body gets its needed food in the middle of your sleep state.

  2. nice tip little tiny paul walt! next time i'll make 11 more advanced pointers and will add that. :)