Thursday, February 17, 2011


japanime love.  kissing skulls is the new
kissing real live faces.
because valentine's day has passed and cupid is very much blessing the air around us with his fine archery skills, i've decided to post an old classic. this sparkly little gem too is from "electronic Vietnam" (the mostly poetry, some essay book) and may open your crusted and sometimes frozen heart (if you're my sister...haha sam) a bit. i hope you like it. read it, steal all the ideas, if they're better than your aluminum foil robot vday box was, make them yours, go find someone who looks at least one point better than you on a scale of 1-100 and kiss their face over and over. make sure you love them though...drat it. :) strange lovin' is empty lovin', we all know that! alrighty...here goes.

sorry if this isn't a laugher...sometimes i take a break and let my passion points do all the talking.  tomorrow, i shall present a glorious list. 
perhaps my 10 least favorite animals!
on with it...
on fast kisses and the electricity side of things

electricity and true love are closely related, but not the same.

electricity is the difference between a passionate relationship and one that is good, full of nice kisses and genuine hugs that well demonstrate love for each other. electricity is the wild kiss that was building up when you met in public that day because it just worked out that way. electricity is the tidal wave inside your chest that won't slow down or lose steam for anything.

you will find this so few times in your life. there has to be a million unique chemistries that intertwine just right. there has to be two people. there has to be two people who are willing to let go.

i had this discussion today. for the most part, i am a slow kisser. i like slow kisses and i think they generally carry more meaning; they send a message saying that you want to be there. you do not want to rush this moment because everything from your head to your heart is complacent and burning. you take your time in a kiss because you want to be against this person more than anywhere in the world at that very moment. there is so much love in these...so much truth passes through kisses. slow kissers are reading this and saying yes, yes, yes. the electricians are saying they will speed up...and i will tell you why. 

kissing is more than lips touching.

i learn a lot from a kiss. i learn a lot from where a girl puts her hands when we kiss. if she touches your face, she means it.

i talk like i've locked up half of the state in the last year (yikes). the truth is, i have kissed one girl for so long, i sometimes forget that it will change. but that's okay...because it was meant this way. part of the reason why i know this is because my slow kisses haven't evolved into too many fast kisses of late. or forever it seems. i want to burst at the seams...but who doesn't? everyone does. be patient and wait for him/her...he/she is out there. 

what does it mean that my slow kisses haven't become fast kisses? why does it matter? what in the world? i am tired of this already? don't be...it's important. if the electricity is missing, so is something bigger. if you haven't felt the chills or the shakes or the tingle in forever, then it's not actually the physical side of your relationship that is struggling. most likely, your hearts are cold or frozen solid or perhaps drifting like floes...(to keep the ice theme going). i think it's funny when couples seek therapists because there sex life is down. don't get me wrong here. i am not married...i am not solely discussing sex here. a physical love life is critical. the thing is though, true intimacy stems from your emotions.

your physical love life; your electricity comes from your heart.

if you truly love someone...you've met the person for you, there is a good chance you won't have to worry about having great intimacy. real excitement comes from your chest and when it does, it's like a flood.

if you are worried about your relationship, maybe you should cut all physicality and focus on your heartstrings. a lot of young couples (and old i suppose?) use sexuality as a crutch in relationships that would otherwise have little to no fire. how sad. how true. almost everyone knows what this is like. what an empty canyon to try to stay warm in.

i guess what i'm saying in short is that if the relationship has true love...the signs to last forever, you shouldn't have to worry about this lacking. the lightning bolts and uncontrolled currents should be there day-by-day, and not disappear for months at a time. i have felt both. it takes a while to accept that the storm (the good one) is not coming back. it's easy to feel it at first...it's not to feel it at last...as in always. as in on a random day a year later, or ten. if it is not there, chances are IT is not there.

fast kisses. i said i would get back to them. what they mean. how they come about.

maybe it's just me but these fast kisses...and i don't mean the one second peck you gave your crush in 1st grade...but the movie-style scorchers that seem rushed and charged and almost unrealistic. they're not unreal. in a way, but not so. they are real, but they never feel like it, because they're that incredible.

the fast kiss...the escalating kiss that gets faster is a product of passion. you can't have this kiss without passion. the kiss that might have started out slow but just keeps getting faster and faster because all you want to do is multiply the friction of your lips as soon as possible to possibly get even more of the electricity running through your veins. the impatience to repeat the best physical feeling ever even though it's still going on and it seems that it may never stop. how does that even make sense? it doesn't...but it's gorgeous right? to try to speed up something blistering on a continuum? this is dizzying.

when you're kissing someone so fast and hard that you're wondering if you just might, or could you possibly absorb them into your body? i am laughing at myself, but i have thought of that before.

i haven't had a kiss like this in what feels like a century, but i'll never forget what it feels like. how personal of me to share...it's okay though, because it adds to the honesty of the concept.

anyway, it's a sign. as time goes by, the kisses will tell more truths. at first it's always exciting and fun and "meant to be" because dangit...that was a good one. one year later...can you say the same? do you feel the shivering behind your ribs? are you trembling because his mouth grazed your chin? are you closing your eyes so tight because you can't figure out how something can feel so good? personally, i shake when my heart is in overdrive. my whole body shakes uncontrollably and even a hug can trigger it. when i know something is real, i shake. nature tells few lies. so when i'm married, and i'm still quaking at 40...i'll thank la naturaleza for reminding me that my wife still "has me". 

if i could explain why i'm writing this i would. i guess my current status and eagerness for an electric relationship (starting with faith and the Lord as a foundation of course) after too long of the opposite has me wanting to share something i feel is important. 
don't ignore the kiss. don't "wait" on the electricity to come. it is there, or it is not. you can't buy it in stores and you can't design it in a lab...you have it or you don't. i personally would rather die than be in a long-term (or life-long) relationship without this. chemistry has no price. love has no price. a life spent wanting the same exact person just as bad every single day has no price. 

find out everything you ever wanted to know about them. create your foundation on meaningful values, principles and morals. make out like crazy. if the kisses don't take the shape of impatience, then maybe your relationship doesn't have the fuel to speed up. there is obviously so much more to love and relationships, marriage and what not...but these lightning bolt connections are a fabulous product of real passion.

do not overlook passion. it has to be there.
do not overlook passion. it has to be there.
do not overlook passion. it has to be there.

i can't imagine a true love, authentic, meant-to-be marriage not having this. it just can't be.

put your lips on his/hers. he/she will shine the same in time if it is all meant to be. the one-year-later kiss could spell out so much. i want electricity. i do not want comfort and plain physical attraction. i want the deep-rooted stuff that goes down through the esophagus to the lungs and heart and i want to run out of breath because i don't want to take my face away from hers. i want to care less about her flu. i want to tremble and wonder "what is going on"? i want to make a night of it...

i want to HAVE to take a break. 

i want my heart to explode because all i'm doing is making out with the love of my life. and it can stop right there for now. i am not settling for less. you shouldn't settle for less. it exists...don't kid yourself. find those sparks. get torched by the guy or girl of your dreams. throw caution to the wind and love each other forever. set the world on fire. 

electricity is important. real electricity comes from real love. what is speeding up or slowing down?

is there chemistry?

where are you? did the last one last? be true to yourself and ask these questions. we are not so unpredictable afterall.

checking the wires of things, the electrician knows best.


  1. I Googled "kissing and electricity" and this is what I got. It's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.

  2. you're SO welcome...glad it hit home for you. :)